Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The New Desk

So, not a lot of posting going on, well no apologies.
No one reads this shit anyways.

I built a desk.
I built it out of kee klamps, schedule 7 pipe, plywood, blood, sweat, and sheer force of will.
This desk wasn't so much constructed, as erected.
God would have shattered my resolve, as he did with the tower of babel, but the desk pleases him.
My new desk stands tall. It is a beacon of hope for a small and confused world.
Millions of years from now, intelligent tribal meerkats or octopuses will worship my desk as a fertility symbol. Which species gets the honour depends on whether my house ends up under water or not.

Pictures and a step by step to follow.

And yes, I am taking some mild pride in my accomplishment. But ask my wife, and you'll get a long list of ways she subtlely manipulated the design and build process to avoid disaster. While I found her viewpoint condenscending and insulting at first, upon further reflection, I could find no fault with her argument. So, you know, credit where credit is due. Thanks Amber!